Niki Brantmark

Blogger & Author

from Malmö, Sweden

Dear Niki, what is your personal living trend at the moment?

I love a chestnut accent, it’s a really warm colour and goes with everything in my home. I’ve added it to different areas of my home using paint, cushions, blankets and small accessories. It’s a perfect tone for this time of the year.

Which three of your furnishings would you take with you each move?

I have two bar carts (one mid-century and one brass one) which I love – they are very versatile. I also have a rustic old workman’s wooden bench which I picked up online many years ago. I constantly move it around the house (sometimes it’s at the end of my bed, other times it’s used as a coffee table in my living room, and if we have extra guests I also use it for seating a the table). I’m not sure how I’d do with out that piece! And finally, all the art and photographs my husband and I have collected over the years.

What should you not miss in a cozy home?

Since moving to Sweden, where they do not have wall-to-wall carpets, rugs are essential – the fluffier the better! I also like to accessorise with blankets and throws and lots of candles!

Thank you so much, dear Niki!

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Pictures: © Niki Brantmark